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How to open Harmonium
Step 1The box has a detachable lid which can be removed by opening the lid must first be removed by opening the locks. The box must be kept in a horizontal position while opening.
Step 2By holding the two notches on either side the instrument is pulled in an upward direction and the collapsible locks are set automatically.

Please take necessary cautions before operating

How to change the scale
Step 1The changing knob should be pressed pressed downwards to the extreme and slided towards left/right from the 5th position(normal position marked "C" in the scale display to set it label) as required.
Step 2The changing knob should be position-ed correctly keeping an eye in the scale display label so that the indicator needle sets in the desired scale.

How to play
Step 1Open the bellow closing device, push and draw the bellow for air intake.
Step 2Press the keyboards for playing.
N.B. Bellowing is a constant process while playing.

How to close
Step 1The bellow should be closed first.
Step 2If the coupling knob is pulled it must be pushed back.
Step 3Press the two collapsible locks and release the instrument down gradually.
Step 4Fit the lid first by fixing the clamps at the back. Then use the locking device at the front for locking.

  • While in transit the scale changing knob must be kept in extreme right position.
  • The instrument must not be exposed to direct or indirect sunlight. It is preferable to keep the instrument in a cool dry place
  • No chemical or pesticide(Naphthalene etc.) should be kept inside the instrument.
  • The two catches at the top of the lever section must always be kept tight.

Metallic Blue Harmonium

Metallic Blue Harmonium
The wait is over.. Introducing the world's first metallic blue colour harmonium. The latest innovation in harmonium colour. Designer Series Blue Harmonium, used in Sadhana Band US
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