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Digital Swarmandal

Digital Swarmandal

Digital Swarmandal

Approx. Rs 455 / Dolar

The Digital Swarmandal Swaroopini Dx is Radel's latest innovation. A boon to vocalists, it has these features:

No frequent changing of strings
No laborious tuning and re-tuning
24 touch-sensitive strings over 3 octaves
Easy tuning of each string to preset notes (Shadj, Shuddh re / komal re, komal / shuddh Ga, etc)
A minimum of 6 possible notes can be selected on each string
Fine-tuning facility for each note
Mute facility for each string
Sensitivity of pluck can be adjusted according to user's choice (some may pluck harder, some softer)
Sustain of notes can be adjusted
Upto 4 strings can be played together at a time like a chord( 4-note polyphony)
Pitch can be selected over a range of 1 octave (A to A#). All the strings will automatically adjust to the new selected pitch
5 voice choices
Ten ragas can be tuned and saved in memory. These can later be recalled at the touch of a button.
Each set of pre-tuned raga can be recalled from memory at the touch of a button
This saves time and effort in re-tuning for each raga during performance

Example of use: If the user plans to sing Yaman, Todi, Khamach and Bhairavi in a performance, he / she can, at leisure or even the previous day, carefully select the required notes and pretune them for each rage, storing them in Memory #1 (Yaman), Memory #2 (Todi) Memory #3 ( Khamach) and Memory #4 (Bhairavi).

On stage, they only need to have a small slip of paper to remind them which memory location relates to which raag. Then at the appropriate time, just press and recall the relevant memory location.

Technical specifications:LCD display to show the various selections
Line out socket provided (1/8 ")
User can change a string if desired / if it snaps
Elegant fibreglass cabinet
Convenient to use
Size: 500 x 360 x 55 mm
Wt: 2.7 kg

Plus the standard Radel features:

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